How we increased sales of the HP Smart Tank Printer for CompuGhana


As one of the fastest-growing I.T companies in Ghana, CompuGhana focuses primarily on the provision of all I.T related products, solutions, home appliances mobile and electronic gadgets. Our challenge was to improve sales for the HP Smart Tank 500


To ensure a competitive return-on-ad-spend and create engaging creative and copy for interactions with the brand.

We used layered targeting techniques to identify the right audiences amongst social media users, based on location, age, Job demographics, and interests including affinity with Compughana’s competitors

Event-based custom audiences using Pixel data layered with appropriate exclusions enabled us to curate our strategy, ensuring we delivered the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time.

For customers who were near the end of the buyer journey, for example ‘basket abandoners’, we offered incentives such as discounts to encourage them to convert


Running the Ad across 3 phases of awareness, engagement, and conversions, we generated 870,024 impressions

3,580 clicks; and achieving new users and returning customers sales