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Mega Plaza aimed to create a cohesive consumer experience through an integrated marketing approach, blending online and offline assets to communicate the brand’s offerings effectively. The objective was to employ strategic and disruptive thematic activation ideas, enticing consumers into the Mega Plaza community and showcasing how it meets their shopping needs.


Partnering with influential Nigerian figures, we carefully selected individuals who resonated best with the target audience. This collaboration established a unique platform, immersing our audience in a lively atmosphere where they were most receptive to the brand message. The goal was to leave a lasting impression about Mega Plaza.


The campaign yielded significant results through the employed mechanics and channels:

– Over 7,200,000 Impressions on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

– Generated over 200,000 video views across various platforms.

– Achieved a total of 83,571 post likes.

Additionally, our campaign hashtags trended as the top 1 and 2 discussed topics both pre-event and on the event day, maintaining prominence for approximately 3-4 hours.

Mega Easter Rush banner ads were strategically displayed on top websites, accompanied by a product campaign promotion to drive product patronage. The results were as follows:

The campaign successfully enhanced Mega Plaza’s visibility, engagement, and product promotion, establishing a strong connection with the target audience.


Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to reach your ideal customers. This means that you can reach specific customers depending on the action that they take on your website, page, or with your brand.

Social media is a great place to implement a retargeting strategy because followers and friends are more likely to engage with brands if they are reminded about them. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to reach your ideal customers.

How do you implement a retargeting strategy through your social media channel? Take, for instance, you are selling the world’s greatest pen. Your initial contact(or your first ad) should be to introduce people to the benefits of using your writing material. At this time, most people are just learning about your product, so they are not likely to take action. But, they are more likely to indicate interest by liking the post, sharing the post, sending a direct message, or even commenting on the post. All they might need is more convincing.  So you hit them with a testimonial of someone his/her/their life changed when they started using the pen. And if they are still not convinced, you follow up with a final ad that contains a gift, the holy grail which is usually referred to as a discount or a special offer in today’s business.

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