Why Retargeting is important in your business

Your business must be very amazing, you must have a lot of customers, and you must be making a lot of sales. But is it ever enough? Do you not want more? Or are you the business that has 1000 web visitors but only 1 or 2 sales monthly even while having a very amazing product? 


Do you know that the sales you are currently making is just 10% of your current business potential? According to a study by wishpond. Retargeting ads increases CTR(click through rate)  by 1000%.  You might be doing a good job in terms of reach and brand awareness, but you need to do better with conversions.


To convert the remaining 90% of your website visitors, you need to start looking into retargeting ads for your business. Before we dive in, I would like to take a few lines to say, “Retargeting is amazing and life changing for every business”. Wondering what retargeting might mean?


Retargeting is like giving you the power to continue to remind your window shoppers(or interested visitors) wherever they may go, that you are the only solution to their problem. It is basically being able to reach out to every customer that has interacted with your brand previously, via your website or social media channels..


With retargeting, goodbye to the days when many ghost website visitors existed and welcome to the days where not only do, we know who our website visitors are, but we also know how best to present information to them which is dependent on the amount of personal or contact info they leave behind before exiting your site. Not to give a creepy vibe – note that this contact or personal info left behind by visitors are willingly submitted usually for information important to them – news, updates, order summary, etc. 


Get your visitors to come back to your website & take action, Stay in their minds & utilize the power of retargeting in your business.

Wondering how retargeting could be beneficial to your business? Read on to find out how!

Target Audience (TA) Engagement: Today, a common error that many brands make is to assume that a post or page has reached its full potential because of the number of clicks or impressions it receives. I’m happy to notify you that you really do not want to end it there given the internet competition between brands. Metrics are vanity. Yeah, clicks and impressions are awesome but you need to gather as much information as you can on this group of people (email, phone number, location, ip and so on) and retarget them in this scenario (send personalized emails or SMS or ads targeted at their specific needs or show them a display ad on their favorite blogs or social media channels). This maintains a high level of engagement and keeps your business at the forefront of their minds. 

Get To Your Target Audience Before Competitors: If your competitors knew you were reading this article, they would be unhappy because they know you’re about to win the race. However, it’s a race! For someone to visit your website, they are already halfway in completing the customer journey, they are very interested and for some reason, they could not make the purchase. Remarketing is the way to reach that target market, boost conversion rates, and raise your revenue. With retargeting, you can reach your potential loyal audience before your competition even know they are interested in your product, utilize retargeting. 

To covert awareness to action: Some days ago, you noticed a couple of people scrolled through a certain article or page on your website. They have shown some level of interest in your brand, but they need more information or they need some kind of motivation. Rather than leave them hanging in the air and be at risk of loosing them or their interest, you can retarget them via display campaigns or newsletters or SMS with a product ,package, discount or solution that is tailored to their needs based on their interaction with your page or other factors. Now that is how you convert your visitors to achieve the maximum potential for your product or service. 

To drive conversions: 56% of companies use remarketing to convert visitors. This can be used to target previous page/web visitors such that they become leads after a successful completion of a call to action. It is more like a way to pair each of your visitors with a reminder about your business.  Pixel-based ads are one of the ways to generate leads. Google Tags are another way and you can also use other third party platforms like Critieo. Most traffic channels have a remarketing platform of their own. So, you can basically follow your customers wherever they may be.

To convert cart abandonment to cart checkout: Abandoned carts can be very annoying. Cart abandonment is when a visitor trys to make a purchase, but could not complete it. This could be for multiple reasons, like card issues, or lack of conviction and so on. There is finally a solution to those abandoned carts. And yes you guessed right! Retargeting is the solution. With retargeting, you can run campaigns to remind people of an outstanding order. Isn’t that great?

Which platforms can you use for retargeting?

 Now that you know how retargeting can help your business, it’s time to make use of it to take your business to the next level. You can book a free one-on-one session with us to see how you can use retargeting to block all the holes in your marketing funnel. 

Did you know you can retarget potential customers with these platforms? Contact us for more information on how we can help you do this.

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