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Starting a Career in Digital Marketing: Here’s What You Need to Know

So you just came online and have been seeing terms such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, Google ad words, pay per click advertising etc. and you feel oh yeah I love this, I could build a career path in this industry but where and how do I start?, what should I do?

Sit back and read this true story from Lamide Agbo and be encouraged.

Lamide Agbo, a graduate of chemistry had been working in a paint company as a factory supervisor for 13 months and didn’t feel fulfilled. She decided to find and discover wherein her passion duly lies and after so much self-internalization, discovered that she loved marketing. Of course she had always been looking for new ways the paint company could get their product across to their consumers and had always put forward her thoughts and ideas to the marketing manager who was very interested in listening to her and commended her suggestions.

The paint company was doing averagely in terms of sales and Lamide knew they could do more with intense marketing and better marketing executions. She decided to go online, read up on marketing and have a grasp of the subject. As the days progressed, one of the courses in the marketing module was ‘digital marketing’. Lamide was elated, she took up the module and registered to attend courses in a marketing tutorial centre on weekends to learn more about the subject.

Barely 4 weeks into her training, she approached the marketing manager and discussed with him about developing an online presence for the company. The marketing manager gave her the permission and she created social media handles for the company which she managed. With the help of her mentors from the training center, she was able to create posts, contents and handle product advertising online.

On a fateful day, during an organization meeting, the sales representative mentioned that they got a volume order from a customer who had seen their product adverts on one of the company’s social media handles. The MD and marketing manager were very happy, Lamide was given an ovation and promoted to the position of a deputy marketing manager. The company sent her on trainings where she met with other individuals in the industry and increased her skill set.

Today Lamide owns her digital marketing academy where she trains and mentors passionate Individuals desiring a career in Digital Marketing.

We can highlight the steps Lamide took to start her career in the Digital marketing industry which can be applied by individuals also desiring a career in the industry.

  1. Self-Discovery: Lamide had to internally look in her life and environment to uncover her strength and what she really did love and desired to do. Take a look at yourself and decide if this is what you really want to do, if truly it is do well to give it your all.
  2. Seek Knowledge: There are to a great extent, free online courses that offer the peripheral of marketing with the aspect of digital marketing, learn the terminologies and basics. Go further to look for an offline school, one with great testimonials that would also offer you great practical experience. Register in the school and put in your very best. You don’t have to know everything instantly but with time and effort, you will make a great progress.
  3. Passion: Be passionate about doing this as a career and try to stand out. Starting out a new career path could become overwhelming and you may be tempted to give up, only passion, your aim and desires will keep you going and going strong.
  4. Mentorship: Look out for renowned individuals in the field that can guide you, teach you and give you experience. Of course experience is the best teacher. Through mentorship you will be able to build necessary skills, relationships and have a network of human resource to learn from.
  5. Internship: Now you understand the theoretical part of digital marketing, but digital marketing is practical. To know how to apply the marketing techniques, you will need to find a company that needs interns in their digital marketing department. If you are like Lamide that has a company without an online presence, you could talk to the managers and have them create a department for you. You will although require a lot of guidance from mentors and even your fellow students from the digital marketing institute.
  6. Choose a Niche & Continue Learning: Digital marketing is wide and things move very fast. It will be good to pick a niche that you are good at by virtue of practising. Constantly stay informed and learn about new updates.


Regardless of whether or not you have experience in digital marketing, this is a sector where you can learn things pretty fast and apply the knowledge.

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